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Pick up your instrument

Pick up your instrument, hop on Zoom, and play music with a student in need.  MMC’s teachers fall into one of three categories:

University Instructors

If you attend NYU, Columbia University, Boston University, or Queens College and would like to teach a young student enrolled at a nearby school, we need you. Some our our teachers are aspiring professional musicians or music teachers, but many are studying liberal arts or engineering. If you love to play, and have chops, we have a hunch you can also learn to teach—we’ll help you learn how. Typically, lessons take place at one of our nearby partner schools. For 2020-2021, lessons will be held online over Zoom with an elementary school student from a local partner school. If you’ve never taught over Zoom before, we have the resources and expertise to ensure you succeed.

Junior Teaching Fellowship

We plan to launch the Junior Teaching Fellowship in fall 2020 for aspiring professional musicians still in conservatory or studying music at university.  We’ll match you with 1 to 3 students and pair you with a Teaching Fellow who can serve as a mentor for you in the classroom.  You’ll also have support from our Grandmentors, and we’ll provide professional networking and career development opportunities.

Teaching Fellowship

We launched our Teaching Fellowship in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but hope to continue it in-person even after the crisis abates.  It is for professional musicians early in their careers whose incomes and careers have been impacted by the crisis.  We pay a grant of Fellowship Program $3k for a studio of 5 students for you to teach 3 months of weekly, 1-hour, 1×1 Zoom lessons, with the possibility of renewal and of growing your studio to 10+ students over time.  We have a limited number of teaching fellowships available, but are working hard to increase capacity.

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